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The Oxford Club Provides Wealth for the Long Journey

During the majority of your life while you are working, retirement can seem so far off that you think of it more as a concept or as a static principle, rather than a living, breathing organism. Once you reach retirement, you realize that it’s by no means static, but is a fluid, changing, dynamic time in your life. This realization has huge ramifications for how you prepare financially for retirement. Rather than having a set retirement portfolio set aside that doesn’t change at all once your working years are over, it’s important to constantly be tweaking and shifting, even as you’re drawing on the money you’ve spent so long saving.

With that in mind, many people wonder how much money they should have in stocks upon their retirement. They know they should diversify and be equipped with stocks in their retirement arsenal, they just don’t know how well-equipped they need to be. The Oxford Club, through their educational arm Investment U, urges toward the fluid, dynamic approach mentioned previously. So, not necessarily having a set amount in stocks, but knowing when and how to use them effectively to maintain the lifestyle you desire for the rest of your life.

One important aspect of this is preparing for stock market cycles of bear and bull markets by having enough other income sources, such as cash and bonds, to be able to ride out a bear market without having to cash out your stocks when their value is low. Once the cycle is complete, typically in about 3 1/2 to 4 years, and stocks reach new highs, you can again draw on your stock portfolio to fund your reserves in preparation for the next bear market. With a small cushion to prepare for unusually long bear markets, a reserve of five-years’ living expenses is recommended. Keeping this in mind before you reach retirement age will help you prepare even more effectively.

Mike Baur: The Managing Director at Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the both a co-founder and Managing Director at the Swiss Startup Factory. He is a well-renowned entrepreneur who has made his mark in the business world. Mike spent his early life in Freiburg, Switzerland. He attended both University of Rochester and Bern University where he attained business degrees. Before joining the self-employed sector, Mike was part of the white collar job system where he worked as a banker in Union Bank of Switzerland. Mike’s interest in banking started at a tender age of only just but 16years old. By the age of thirty years, Mike earned promotion to a better ranked advisory position. His banking skills were a cut above the others.


Mike Baur offered advice to tycoons and wealthy investors in Switzerland. However, even when Baur looked set for a brighter future in banking, he decided to quit Union Bank of Switzerland to take another job at the Clariden Leu bank. He equally did not stick in his new job for a long time. Baur worked in Clariden Leu for only six years despite holding a supreme position. Later, he departed banking and started making investments in startup companies. This would later seem to be his path to success.


In 2014, Mike Baur, Mike Meister, and Oliver Walzer all co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Initially, Mike had taken his chances at a startup pitching contest at the University of St Gallen where he participated as a member of the jury. While at the management of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike has been one to organize fundraisers that aim at aiding young owners in funding their technology startups across the globe. This program is of benefit to startup firms as they can access mentor-ship programs. They also get access to rent-free offices within the first three months of its launching.


The most vital benefit is being able to connect with diverse talents from all over the world to be able to share ideas, compare projects, and even partner up to increase the chances of getting funds from agencies. Swiss Startup Factory also encourages technology startups to enroll in pitch contests. Mike Baur also founded the Think Reloaded firm that provides financial advice to all clients. Fundraising to help in funding technology startups is the primary goal of Mike Baur at SSUF. Currently, Swiss Startup Factory has been involved in setting up over a dozen number of technology startups.


Marc Spark’s startup adds a spark to their repertoire with a brand new address

Marc Sparks, an entrepreneur and successful owner of Timber Creek Capital has added a new dimension with a move to a brand new office after spending more than a decade at its previous headquarters. The move comes at a crucial time for the company which is looking at bigger avenues for development in this new optimized setting highly conducive to the startup arena. Marc’s company has been helping new up and coming entrepreneurs in turning their businesses into lucrative opportunities.

According to Marc, the whole idea of setting up a business began with building a business model and acquiring of resources to ensure growth and development. Marc’s company can hold up to three companies within its facility for a short extensive time normally termed as the incubation period.

He believes that a quality and collaborative work environment are one of the factors that act as an ingredient for success. Marc further elaborated his point stating his facts with an example that a business starting its operation in a warehouse in a sketchy neighborhood would never gain any momentum than a business started in a retail place with lots of successful people stopping by the block.

The key to starting any successful venture is to not cut corners and spending time in one’s own comfort zone as this could really make all the difference.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Marc also has experience in writing with a book in the market called as “They can’t eat you”. Marc has shared his experience, his success and failure with the medium of the book to let others know the realities of an entrepreneurship.

His experience in the business world was the motivation to start Timber Creek Capital LP which is an ode to his 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to help tackle the stages in a successful creation of a successful business. Marc takes on a handful of companies at a time and offers them guidance and access to various resources like banking, marketing, capital and office spaces.

Mark attributes his entrepreneurial success to the hard work of his team which he explains in his own words as a combination of faith, passion, tenacity, focus and savvy of monetization and outrageous sense of urgency which is called the “spark speed” by Marc

 About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur from Dallas and the founder and CEO of Timber Creek LP, which specializes in venture capital and providing start-up funds for wide kind of companies. Marc’s company is involved in providing the necessary capital, office space, equipment, legal work, accounting, marketing and a wide range of services to help budding entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into fruitful businesses.

With more than 35 years of experience in the entrepreneurial world, Marc has helped made a name for himself with companies like Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC, both of which Marc had a hand in setting up bases. Marc Spark is also involved in philanthropic causes like the “Samaritan Inn”, “Habitat for Humanity” and “Sparkey’s Kids” to whom he donated one thousand laptop computers.

Keith Mann Raises Funds for Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, of Dynamics Search Partners, held an event in New York City to help raise funds for Uncommon Schools. Many people turned up for this event, raising over $22,000 for the charter school. Keith mentions that he wants to help support this mission by preparing low-income high school students to be ready to graduate from college. Keith Mann is the type of person who wants everyone to have the opportunity to be able to go to college and get a degree. With the opening of a new high school coming up, Uncommon Schools will have even more students to help out.

Dynamics Search Partners has worked with Uncommon School for the past three years. Prior to this recent fundraiser, this company has already donated $10,000 to help fund student testing, which includes PSAT and AP Testing. The goal between these two organizations is to help students learn strategic and practical skills that will help them in college and in the real world. Keith Mann has continued to work closely with these students and is committed to assisting them in achieving their goals and dreams (

Keith Mann established Dynamics Search Partners back in 2009. He is currently CEO and is in charge of the daily management of this firm. Dynamics Search Partners is a premier search firm that works with firms in the alternative investment industry across the United States, Europe, and even Asia. Keith helps his clients with marketing strategies, hiring investments, and planning out new platforms.

Keith has over fifteen years of experience in the executive search industry. He is also a hedge fund expert as well as an expert in staffing and hiring strategy. When it comes to working with Uncommon Schools, Keith wants to make sure that each and every high school student is able to get the skills needed to go on to college. Many students do not get the opportunity to go to college, which is why he is so passionate about working closely with them. Keith has always been a big believer in a good education and only wants the best for these low-income students.


The Interests Of Entrepreneur Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel was schooled at Rutgers University where he earned a BA in biology and psychology. After his graduation, he then Enrolled in the New York University of Dentistry where he earned his DDS degree. After graduation he has opened and operated dental offices and several other businesses. He has also had other passions that he has been able to engage in, one of these has been his passion for Charity work. In this capacity, he is well known for taking difficult dental cases from other dentists. Avi is especially interested in helping children around the world who he sees dealing with many major dental issues. It is because of his concern for children that he works hard to support a charitable organization called Operation Smile. This charity was established by a doctor and nurse in the 1980s with the goal of helping children in the Philippines but has continued to grow over the years to the point that it now benefits children living in over 80 countries. Every year Operation Smile engages in medical missions in different countries. Depending on the medical resources needed in a particular area, Avi sees that medical staff is sent in including equipment and people in order to perform free surgical procedures for the children.

Another of Avi Weisfogel’s gifts is in making music. Even though he is what you might call a late bloomer in the art of music making and he has so far made quite an impression on the hip-hop industry. When he put his desire to create music into action all he started with was a simple or dope beat and his desire to create something musical and fun. His talent for this musical genre and his persistence was all it took because now he has learned to take full advantage what it has to offer.

One of Avi Weisfogel‘s many business ventures is a company called Dental Sleep Masters. The company focuses on treating medical disorders such as disturbed breathing, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, depression, stroke, and a host of other conditions using dental techniques to heal the patient. Dentists across the country have joined the team he has built at Dental Sleep Masters. The company’s program has provided other dentists with not only a unique business model to build on but also a coaching program to ensure successful implementation of Dental Sleep master’s practices and procedures.

The Future of Humanitarianism and Technology

Eric Pulier is an author, philanthropist and entrepreneur, among a host of other things, who has successfully developed fifteen companies from the ground up and is responsible for the financial success of many individuals who have decided to work under him. Not only is he a successful man in the business world but Pulier is also a strong humanitarian, having created several charity funds as well as being responsible for the development of venture capital funds such as Trident Capital, eCompanies and Monitor Ventures, to name a few.

Eric Pulier owes a great deal of his present position in life thanks to his time studying at Harvard, a school known across the world as being extremely prestigious and elite forming. He has accrued multiple degrees from Harvard and specializes in a wide variety of diverse areas, including technological pursuits and literature. His diverse academic background and immense level of training has allowed him the privilege of working alongside former President Bill Clinton in development of the “Bridge to the 21st Century”, an exhibition that was broadcast nationwide. The event was meant to speculate, visually, technological advancements that would be seen in the near future, and presented this information in a visually spectacular fashion for members of Congress and for average American citizens to enjoy.

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An exceptional man, Pulier is a versatile professional who is not limited by the normative specialization of field that most career men fall under. His broad range of abilities have prepared him for a flexible life of not only opening the prospect for a brighter future in the case of business, but also for humanitarian organizations to grow and prosper in a world that beforehand would have not seen as much attention without his guiding hand. For more information check out his personal website,

John Goullet and Diversant; A Match Made in Staffing Heaven

Diversant is a self-proclaimed “different” type of information technology staffing agency. What makes them so different? A few things. On top of being a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), they also happen to be the biggest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the United States of America. When it comes to their staffing services, they offer a wide variety of products to their customers including information technology staff augmentation, direct hire, and innovative diversity solutions. Another aspect of what makes Diversant stand out as a company, is their approach to giving back to their community. The unofficial motto of the company is “lift as you climb”. They believe it is important to use their knowledge and skills to give back through mentorships and the creation of resources for those in need. Currently, their philanthropic affiliations include PACE (Program for Acceleration in Careers of Engineering) Monmouth, Harlem Business Alliance, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Marion P. Thomas Charter School Foundation, and the Black Data Processing Associates.

At the helm of the company’s ship is their Principal Executive John Goullet. After starting his career in information technology consulting back in 1994, John let his entrepreneurial spirit guide him to various leadership positions. One of his biggest accomplishments was founding and growing Info Technologies, which after just 5 years, grew to be worth $30 million and landed itself a top-ten spot on Inc. Magazines list of the 500 fastest-growing privately-held firms in the US. His leadership role with Diversant is proving to be a wild success as well. Since he came on board, he has earned the company some rewards of its own. His efforts to match the right personality and skill set with the appropriate position is what keeps major clients like Fortune 500 companies coming back for more and more of their staffing needs.

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How John Goullet Improves IT Services through DIVERSANT LLC


VTA Publications Offers Investment Professionals Like Jim Hunt An Avenue To Share Their Expertise

Jim Hunt is a professional investment analyst and advisor. He specializes in stock charts, stock positions, and predictions. In investment primarily securities, stocks and derivatives, experience, talent, and professionalism are appreciated. When one finds a partner to guide him or her through the investment process including tips on upcoming market trends and analysis, you are a step closer to finding happiness in investment. In his recent YouTube post, Jim shows how he positioned himself ahead of the bear run to book significant leverage and make a profit.

Jim Hunt followed up his prediction of a bear run with investment and booked early profits to show for his acumen in his analytical and predictive power. Unlike other analysts who predict but do not commit their capital, Hunt is an outlet and a consumer of his professional opinion. People like Hunt depend on media to reach out to other people. They depend on channels and avenues to host their ideas. They are successful in what they do, and they have their secrets towards their success. If they are capable of organizing their formula into a guide, it can reach out to more people through publication.

VTA Publications was founded in 2012 with the aim of offering real life stories and online courses. The company also offers catering and event organizing services. The company hosts ideas, learning guides including seminars and webinars on various subjects. At VTA publications, the focus is to encourage other people through testimonies of successful people. Once you feel you are good at something, and you are ready to help other individuals with the knowledge, the publisher is your chance.

The company hosts all manner of investment publications. People like Hunt who have a sound professional investment portfolio can share through this publisher. For example, recently, VTA published guides on retirement planning lessons from the Bible, stock trading using charts, among other publications. The company gives Jim Hunt a chance to share his methods with other people. The VTA guides are easy to follow. VTA believes that you can learn from home skills that can help you make investment decisions, planning and other life expertise and lessons.

Doe Deere Breaks Fashion Rules Like She Breaks the Ice

A little rebellion never hurt anyone, correct? Everything in moderation has a little bit of edge to it, and a lot of excitement. Breaking the rules from time to time is awfully exhilarating, and allows a person to feel a sense of purpose as well as a freedom to be strictly themselves. A big rule breaker is Lime Crime’s Doe Deere. While the CEO and founder of the dazzling makeup company might not break the law in the traditional sense, she surely does in the fashion and beauty worlds. Deere reveled in the opportunity to discuss her favorite fashion rules to break, and her adoring fans were at the edge of their seats as their ruler shared a lot of giggles, and a lot of care-free attitude.

Rule: Bold Eyes and Bold Lips Do Not Mix

Doe Deere found this rule to be fairly humorous, and enjoyed the fact that her company is based on the opposite. Stating that she enjoys pairing bold eyeshadows with non-matching, even bolder lips, Doe shed a smile as her standout makeup shimmered against the vibrant hair that framed her face.

Rule: Too Many Colors; Not Enough People

Fashion basically tells you that you have to match, and stick with two or three solid colors for a perfect outfit. The Queen of Unicorns, however, thinks that this idea is ludicrous, and would not be caught dead in only a few, matching colors. Somebody give the girl a hot pink blouse, a neon green plaid skirt, orange socks, and a purple jacket, please!

Rule: Stick With One Pattern

Apparently you cannot wear floral tights with a plaid skirt and a polka dotted shirt. Who would have thought? Not Doe, and she loves to mix as many silly patterns as she possibly can in one outfit!

Rule: Open Toe Shoes? Omit the Socks!

If wearing flashy tights with sandals is wrong, Doe Deere never, ever wants to be right. The girl has some serious gumption, you have to admit.

Rule: Vibrant Hair Means Avoid Colorful Clothes

To be honest, no one can keep up with Deere’s constantly changing hair color. Red, blue, or pink this week? Maybe all three, but, either way, she would never sacrifice the ability to spread her vibrancy from her head to her toes, so you better not tell her otherwise.

To finalize, if there is a fashion rule for something, Doe Deere probably breaks it. Again, her company is based on being different, and that is why it is so popular. It just might be safe to say that you cannot knock it until you have tried it, right?

Offering Up 5 Tips For Making Smarter Investments

Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC, recently listed five tips for investing in a press release on Reuters. Part of the reason for this advice was due to the issues he ran into with a 529 plan for his two daughter’s education. He had found the savings plan was worth less than the actual money he had put in over the years.

Another reason he realized he needed to give his advice was due to his father giving him his life savings and asking him to invest the money. There were several investments he was not allowed to make because he was not an accredited investor.

The five things he wanted to impart on the 99% of American’s was that they should be careful with their investments, watch out for the safety of their money, diversify their money outside of just the stock market, find someone trustworthy to handle their money, and finally to have specific goals and objectives when investing.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur who got his start as a trader at Refco, which is a New York-based company started by his grandfather Ray E. Friedman, in the year 2000. Later on he became director of several different companies, including Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, and others. In May 2009 he found Forefront Capital, which is a trading company that is designed to help people use their personal capital to invest in several different niche opportunities. He has put his financial knowledge to work for clients all of the world.