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Logan Stout the distinguished health and wellness leader

Logan Stout has distinguished himself as a leading business owner, entrepreneur, philanthropist, keynote speaker, leadership trainer, and best-selling author. Throughout his career, Stout has generated a lot of money in revenue through his team building addresses and activities. Through his leadership skills, he has driven his current ventures into success and profitability. Additionally, his credibility as well as leadership track record has made him be among the most sought-after business leaders and keynote speakers across the globe.

One of his recent business ventures that he has embarked on is the IDLife a business in the health and wellness area. The Business was established in May 2014 and since then, it has grown exponentially. In the company, Logan Stout has partnered with Troy Aikman, billionaire Darwin Deason, and Jen Widerstorm a celebrity trainer.

Through the company, Logan and his partners have been joined by fitness ambassadors and recognized health and wellness authors in educating individuals on the necessity of wellness and health. They have also educated people on the need for individuals to eat the best nutritional products and foods.

For their Efforts, IDLife was recognized in 2016 as among the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies across the globe. Logan Stout has been passionate about assisting others to build strong quality leadership skills. To this end, he authored and published a book in 2013 known as “The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams”. The Book is intended to empower as well as inspire readers thus leaving a lasting change among those who strive to reach their full potential as intended by God.

Logan’s book has been endorsed by other entrepreneurs including Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran of the ABC’s Shark Tank. Stout regularly appears on television shows, radio, and live events to give motivational talks. Additionally, he has been featured prominently in various publications including The Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Life Magazine, and The New York Times. Recently, the Philadelphia Life Magazine names Stout as the Man of the Year.

Currently, Logan and his wife Haley together with their two sons live in Frisco Texas. Besides their business engagements, they serve as the patrons as well as honorary chairs of the Girls and Boys Club of Collin County. They also chair other charitable organizations such as the American Heart Association of North Texas. They are the founders of the Youth Athletes Foundations.

About Logan Stout :

Norman Pattiz Role in Advancing the World of Podcast Advertising

Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and Tom Webster, the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research announced a result of a series of studies to determine the effectiveness of podcast advertising for five national brands. The first pre and post campaign for podcast advertising took place over the last half of 2016. It showed a positive impact of podcast advertising on intent to purchase and brand recall. Learn more:

In 2016, PodcastOne teamed up with Edison Research to conduct three separate studies to determine the effectiveness of podcast advertising. The study involved five national brands, where some were well known while others were lesser-known. Some of these brands were launching new messaging while others were looking for increased awareness and trial. In all cases, Edison Research conducted an online survey of the audiences of several leading podcasts before running the podcast advertising campaigns and after a few weeks of running the advertisements on those podcasts. The results of pre and post campaign studies showed that podcast audiences showed an increased willingness to purchase those brands and were receptive to brand messages.

Norman Pattiz’s core focus was to independently verify that podcast advertising provided enhanced brand awareness well beyond traditional advertising techniques. Since Edison Research’s methodology allowed Norman Pattiz to study the audiences before and after running the campaigns, they were able to verify that podcast advertising was way far efficient than traditional advertising.

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne is owned by the founder of radio-giant Westwood One, Norman Pattiz. It’s the nation’s leading provider of podcast advertising platform. Currently, PodcastOne presents over 340 hours of adverts weekly across over 200 most popular podcasts. Contact Amanda Duetchman at [email protected] for more information about PodcastOne.

About Edison Research

Edison Research is an accomplished researcher in the world of podcast advertising. Besides, it conducts studies and provides strategic direction to Gulf News, Samsung, Yahoo, Google, Activision, Time Warner, Dolby Laboratories, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Disney, and AMC Theatres. Edison Research works in close collaboration with some of the leading radio ownership groups in America such as CBS Radio, Bonneville, Radio One, Emmis, and Entercom. Over time, Edison Research has researched almost every possible avenue. It’s the leading provider of consumer exit poll data in the United States. Again, it’s the sole provider of election exit polling for the National Election Pool, which comprises of NBC, CBS, the Associated Press, ABC, CNN, and FOX. Learn more: