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Skilled Futurist, Entrepreneur, and Healthcare Technology Investor Jason Hope

Based in Arizona, Jason Hope is a healthcare technology investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. As a skilled futurist, Jason has earned a lot of reputation in the industry. He is passionate about a clear understanding of technology and uses his knowledge to keep an eye on the industry. This allows him to make solid predictions about the future of technology industry. According to Hope, the Internet of Things will play an important role in the future societies.

With Jason’s technology insights and advice, individuals and modern businesses are able to make informed decisions about the future of the technology industry. As a native of Arizona, Jason grew up in Tempe. He studied at Arizona State University before enrolling at Carey School of Business for his MBA. Jason is inspired by the mobile communication technology because of its benefits and ability to reach a large section of people. He is certain that the industry of mobile technology still has more room for enhancement and growth. This is one of the reasons he began selling text message services.

How Jason Hope makes money

Jason Hope makes money from his portfolio of tech firms. At the onset of his career, he launched a mobile communications company known as Jawa. Jawa gave rise to additional partnerships in the industry of technology. At the moment, Jason Hope makes money from his portfolio of investments includes firms that offer Market Services, Computer Information Systems, and Digital Media Solutions. Jason believes that the future of society is entirely dependent on technology. This is because technology has the ability to connect and interconnect things, places, and people.

With the Internet of Things various devices are in a position to sync with one another. Some of these devices include electronic devices, street lights, car devices, and kitchen appliances. Fundamentally, this connected technology connects devices using similar network. This allows the sharing of data to decrease waste and increase efficiencies. According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things has a high potential of changing the way businesses operate. More importantly, the Internet of Things is likely to become the biggest tech industry advancement in the future. Because the Internet of Things is very influential, many large corporations will adopt it. Jason also predicts that as more key players in the world economy start embracing technological advancements provided by the Internet of Things, other companies will have no choice but to step up and embrace the Internet of Things.

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