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Clay Siegall Celebrates His Success In The Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is a disease that has been troubling millions in the world and different institutes of research have taken the issue by the horn by funding research and the development of new methods of dealing with the disease. This is one of the most researched areas and experts from across the world have all been comparing findings and methods developed to help in fighting the disease. Most of the professionals who are in the industry who deal with coming up with solutions are people who have an experience record that spans more than 30 years.


One of these professionals is Clay Siegall, a biological sciences expert who has been working on getting solutions to the cancer menace. His achievements while working in this industry include establishing Seattle Genetics, a company that has been conducting research into different issues ailing the world and offering methods of dealing with various diseases. To emerge a victor in this industry, he had to work his way up through several companies and institutes that are established to offer solutions to the cancer menace.


Solutions for cancer treatment

Having worked with professionals who are trained on matters to do with cancer, the team was able to come up with ADCETRIS, a drug that is supporting the cure for cancer and related ailments. The success of this drug and adoption in various parts of the world has been a boost to the profile of Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics. They have received support from several institutes and experts who have been working on getting new methods administering treatment for cancer patients. Clay Siegall terms the success this drug has achieved as a motivation to further venture into the field with the sole aim to deliver even effective ways of treating cancer.


Prior to establishing Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked with several companies. Between 1991 and 1997, he served at Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Before this position he was a member of the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991. He is experienced enough to offer solutions to problems that are ailing many patents across the world.