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How to make planning your next party in NYC incredibly easy

If the last party you planned in NYC was stressful, you need to know it is possible to have a stress-free affair before you plan your next one. These tips will help.

A party planning list — Corporate event planners in NYC will always start by creating a party planning list. Do the same and you can check things off as they are completed.

Be and stay organized — Keep up to date on everything that needs to be done by using shopping lists, guests list to track RSVPs, and even lists of your guests’ particular diets so you do not serve them food they cannot eat.

Themes are great — Organize your party around an Austrian theme with wurstel sausages, Austrian beer and wait staff dressed in dirndls and lederhosen. Guests will love it, and you will find it even easier to plan.

Make your own invitations — Always send invitations and, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on having them printed, create your own with thick elegant cardstock and a calligraphy pen.

Drinks as soon as they arrive — Always have a tray of drinks welcoming your guests at the door. It gets them in the party mood and makes your party just a little more chic.

Specialty drinks — If you want your guests to remember your event, make a fancy specialty drink and serve it in your most elegant glasses.

Hors d’oeuvres should be simple — While complicated hors d’oeuvres look lovely, they take too long to prepare and can be expensive. Keep your appetizers simple, even if it is just a tray of fancy French crackers topped with a hard to find cheese.

Fun children’s tables — If you will have kids at your party, be sure they have their own fun table and activities created especially for them.

White place settings — Avoid fancy place settings and go for all white. They look elegant and are much cheaper too.

Unusual party favors — People love to be given party favors when they leave at the end of the evening. Look for something small, elegant and inexpensive and make sure everyone gets one.

Save time for yourself — Finally, be sure you have enough time before your guests arrive to relax, take a hot shower and dress yourself beautifully.

If planning parties is not your thing, however, do not despair.

You can hire event planning companies in NYC. Companies like Twenty Three Layers.

They can create an event for you from the ground up, including finding a cool venue, caterers that cook delicious food, beautiful floral arrangements and even a band.

If branding is especially important for you or your company, Twenty Three Layers can organize an entire party around your specific brand. They can even make your firm and its brand look like one of the coolest or most elegant in New York City.