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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has What it Takes to Catch Amazon

If you saw how big of a lead Amazon has in the fashion e-commerce market, you might think to yourself that there is no way that any clothing company could even get close enough to give them reason for concern. Looking at just the sales numbers, we see that Amazon has a commanding lead in this market with a little over 20 percent of all the sales. Now Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, not to be outdone, has already sold in excess of $250 million in sales of their own workout apparel for women in a little under three years.


The success of Hudson’s athleisure brand is more than a nod to her celebrity status or the fact this merchandise is high-quality. The reason why Hudson’s company is seeing such enormous success is in part due to her membership package and the sales technique known as reverse showrooming. To get a clear under standing how these two techniques have allowed Kate Hudson’s Fabletics to explode out of the gate in a very competitive market, we only need to visit the Fabletics retail store to see them in action. It might surprise many to see sales associates not pressuring customers to buy, in fact, these shoppers are casually browsing the racks, trying on every piece of workout apparel in the stores, and even kicking back to take the lifestyle quiz.


That can not be enough to allow any company to compete in this competitive fashion e-commerce market, and that is exactly why what happens in the Fabletics online store is the key to the process. Since the active-wear is being tried on at the mall, the pieces that fit are being uploaded to the member’s online account, so they can basically start shopping again where they stopped at the mall. With so much more inventory in the online store, shoppers are just grabbing things like leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants on impulse and stuffing the online carts with more things than they even planned on buying at first.


The last piece of the puzzle to the success of Hudson’s Fabletics is all about the membership perks. Free personal assistants, free shipping, and discounts on active-wear, just some of the reasons that many first-time shoppers at the store or website are becoming long-term loyal customers. Amazon may or not realize it yet, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does have what it takes to catch them.