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How Ms. Lori Senecal is Fueling the Global Growth of CP&B

In early 2015, MDC Partners’ CP&B confirmed the appointment of Lori Senecal as the global chief executive. Ms. Senecal had been serving as the CEO and President of MDC Partner Network and chairperson of KBS, an affiliate shop of MDC. She will retain her leadership position at MDC Partner Network but leave her position as executive chair at KBS, a sister firm to CP&B.

Duties of Ms. Senecal as the Global CEO of CP&B

Ms. Senecal is in charge of managing the company’s international growth. She oversees the coordination of CP&B’s eight global offices and the development of the agency. Since her high-profile entry into the company in 2015, Ms. Senecal has transformed the business and entrepreneurial culture of CP+B. She has developed an innovative, responsive, and collaborative global company that continues to grow both locally and internationally. Ms. Senecal’s passionate leadership and emphasize on talent has fostered CP+B’s development and expansion across disciplines and geographies. In 2016, Advertising Age named CP+B as the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” while Ms. Senecal was honored as one of the four “Agency Executives to Watch.”

Work history

In an interview by HubSpot, she said before her appointment to CP+B’s management team, she used to work for MDC Partner Network. Her roles included driving the firm’s vision, developing its unique model, and partnering with the MDC’s affiliate agencies to promote expansion and cross-collaboration across the global network. When Ms. Senecal was the head of Kbs+, the company grew its presence globally and recruited more than 900 individuals. The Crain named Kbs+ as the Best Place to Work in NYC. The company also appeared on the list of Standout Agencies, posted on Advertising Age, for three years consecutively. Early in her career, Ms. Senecal worked for McCann Erickson as the head of its leading New York Office. She also worked as a senior employee of McCann Worldgroup in the capacity of global chief innovation officer.


Ms. Senecal has been a recipient of high-status awards and recognition. In 2013, she pocketed the Quantum Leap accolade for her forward-thinking leadership and innovation. The Advertising Age honored her as one of the “Women to Watch” in 2014. Ms. Senecal is a member of several companies across distinct sectors. Read more about her on


A Free Alternative for the Mobile World

You know the saying: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, maybe not a lunch, but how about a phone plan? I’m talking about FreedomPop, the five-year-old, totally free mobile and Internet service provider that has recently been making headlines all around the net. And not just personal blog sites, either. Sites like TechCrunch, Engadget, and Fortune are all talking about this new no-cost alternative to traditional mobile service. In this FreedomPop review, Emily Birken lays out exactly what to expect from the completely free plan as well as some of the company’s other options.


First of all, it’s important to note that the service is actually free—to a point. The free service includes unlimited text, but only 200 minutes of talk time and 500MB of 4G data. Furthermore, your text messages actually count against your data. This may seem a little old-school, but FreedomPop has nothing to hide. They are very open that their free service is meant for light users. However, for senior citizens or people in major metropolitan areas where free Wi-Fi is abundant, this is a perfect option and it is completely free—no contracts, no fees, no nothing. You can even bring your own phone!


If their free plan feels a little restrictive, though, FreedomPop gives you plenty of ways to work around it. The Freedom Friends program allows you to invite your friends to join the network and rewards you with 10MB of data per month for every friend who signs up and sticks with the service. You can also complete offers, take surveys, and download software to earn more free data. Finally, you can actually pay to receive additional data. Without a plan, that will run you about $0.02/MB, but they have $5, $10, and $20 plans with varying levels of service, Wi-Fi and hotspot calling options, and straight Internet service.


On top of all that, FreedomPop uses Sprint’s network here in the U.S. That means that your coverage will be as good or better as local mobile companies for a better price and without having to worry about roaming as soon as you get outside the city limits. Plus, over the last couple of years, they have expanded their services abroad to places like the U.K. and Europe, allowing you to travel abroad while still maintaining the level of service that you’ve come to expect from your mobile provider.


Jose Borghi Describes The Effectiveness of Mobile Ads

Jose Borghi is a Brazilian publicist that currently serves as the chief executive officer of Brazilian marketing firm called, Mullen Lowe. This firm was previously known as both Borghi Lowe and Borghi Ray. Jose Borghi was one of the original co-founders of this ad agency and continues to be in charge of management of the firm to this day at Mullen Lowe.

Mobile advertising, describes Jose Borghi, is a rapidly growing segment in advertising. More and more people are switching over to smartphones and tablets today. As consumers flock to this media, so must advertisers or they risk losing out on an increasingly bigger chunk of the market. Desktop marketing also known as computer marketing is losing ad revenue to mobile ads. Companies should not and cannot wait. They should begin entering this space if they are to remain competitive.

To you show you just how much mobile advertising has grown, Jose Borghi cites the following statistic. Advertising revenue on mobile devices increased by 66% in 2015. It also accounted for about a third of all the revenue in digital marketing in 2015 with about $20 billion in revenue out of $60 billion revenue.

Which mobile ads are the most effective? Jose Borghi looks at a research study done on this very subject by tech company RTB House. The company did a study to find the most effective add that measured success based on click through rates. The click through rate measures how many people who see an ad will actually end up clicking on and being exposed to the marketing message featured in the ad.

Advertisements on mobile phones that displayed 12 products or services had the highest click through rates in the study. The rate for 12 items or services being displayed was 1.4% for smartphones and 1.3% for tablets. This rate represents a significance higher click rate than for ads that displayed only three, five or six items on a banner. The size of the ad also plays a big role in the success of the ad. The higher the resolution or display size of the ad, the higher the click through rate was.

The Generosity of James Dondero

James Dondero is a successful individual with many titles as well as prestigious awards for his excellence within the financial industry and for his excellent advice and solutions that have encouraged individuals from all over the world to seek out his advice that will help with their future success.

James Dondero is not only a financial expert, but is also a family man, a philanthropist, as well as an excellent boss who wants to make sure that not only his clients are secure for the future of the financial industry, but also wants to make sure that his employees are secure for the future.

James Dondero is the founder of Highland Capital Management, an investment firm that not only services those that are looking to diversify their portfolio, but is also able to help those who are investing for the first time ever and who have limited funds. Highland Capital Management is guaranteed to make sure that the highest return upon investment is given to the clients with the least amount of risk involved.

Highland Capital Management is not only a world renowned investment firm for their excellent services, but is also an investment firm that truly wants to help with the overall well-being of individuals across the community of Dallas.

As an investment firm, Highland Capital Management has given back to countless community organizations and has recently been involved in a campaign in order to prevent future family violence. As a prominent business within the Dallas community, Highland Capital Management wants to make sure that every individuals experiences the benefits of their success.

In recent news, Highland Capital Management has even donated $1 million to The Family Place Campaign, a campaign that has had the goal of raising over $16.5 million in funds in order to help others who are experiencing violence within their household.

The $1 million donation was able to put the amount already received from the campaign over the top and to make sure that the campaign fulfilled their goal. According to Crunchbase, this campaign and the managers involved are grateful to James Dondero and are grateful to his involvement.

Learn more about James Dandero:

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc

IAP Worldwide is an organization that provides a variety of professional services and solutions to the government and other organizations. The type of services it offers includes emergency response, engineering, healthcare solutions, logistics, and supply chain, infrastructure services, communication and aviation services. IAP Worldwide is known to provide their clients with the people, technologies, and program management required at a notice. IAP was founded in the year 1990 and has grown exponentially over the years.

IAP is a top hiring company in the United States. They list their job openings on their website and have an application icon on the same. One only has to upload their credentials on the website, and they get back to them if they qualify for the vacancies applied for. Some of the vacancies available on the website include; an Air Traffic Control Training Specialist, a Project Manager and an Electronic Technician.

Kaye Scholar is a law firm that mainly deals with life sciences and Financial services. The law firm was founded in 1917 and prides itself on vast experience in dealing with bankruptcy, real estate and public and private entities in litigation. The relationship between IAP Worldwide and Kaye Scholars is worth noting as they represented IAP when they were undergoing financial crises. Kaye Scholars ensured that IAP Worldwide continued with its operations and that they also remained offset from their financial problems.

IAP Worldwide services recently acquired two business units from an Aviation and Logistics business in Oklahoma. The units acquired are DRS Technologies, Inc and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business. The two units were acquired as a long-term strategy by IAP Worldwide. The acquisition is to help IAP provide their services to their clients easily worldwide. They acquired the two so that they could expanding their operations.

IAP Worldwide has been named to support and provide assistance to Hurricane Mathew victims. The organization has already deployed teams to region IV, and V. IAP is meant to offer relief solutions and emergency communication systems.

IAP Worldwide Services are involved in the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System. The contract is at a value of 53 million dollars. The contract involves providing the army with integrated logistics and training support for their managers. IAP involvement with the army will help the Army focus better on other aspects of their deployment rather other than training and logistics.

IAP Worldwide Services are very active on social media. They run a Facebook page called IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. They are easily accessible.

Lawyer Geoffrey Cone Comments on New Zealand’s Foreign Trusts

Geoffrey Cone is a lawyer who graduated with a law degree from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He also has a diploma in both tax and trust law. Geoffrey began his practice in Auckland, New Zealand in the year 1980 before moving to Christchurch to become both partner and Chairman of a leading law firm. While there, he practiced in the areas of commercial litigation, tax, as well as trust advisory work. He appeared in courts as leading counsel at all levels, including the Privy Council.


Geoffrey worked as a litigator in British West Indies for two years before returning to practice in Auckland in 1997. In 1999, he formed his own practice- Cone Marshall Limited which is the only law firm in New Zealand that exclusively specializes in international as well as tax planning. The company also offers services in both trustee and trust management through its affiliate companies.


Lawyer Geoffrey Cone’s response to the feature on foreign trusts


Media reports about New Zealand’s foreign trusts paint it as sexy airport thriller involving wealthy individuals, exotic lands, and complicated financial deals. The truth, however, is a bit more ordinary.


First, New Zealand is not among the tax havens. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the primary attributes of tax havens demand that they impose minimal or no taxes, that there is no transparency and that its laws or procedures hinder the interchange of information between other governments. New Zealand does not qualify under any of the mentioned grounds.


New Zealand was among the first countries to appear on the OECD’s list of countries that have substantially implemented the internationally approved tax standard.


One way that New Zealand has used to demonstrate leadership in tax transparency lies in the way it manages foreign trusts as well as the requirements put on trustees. All these go towards helping other governments that ask for relevant information.


In 2006, Michael Cullen introduced new regulations in this area after extensive consultation. Under these rules, a New Zealander trustee to a foreign trust is obliged by the IRD to present the correct Foreign Trust Disclosure form and retain financial as well as other records for tax purposes. These records include information on settlements and distributions [including name and address of the recipient], trust deed, money received and spent by the trustee and details of the trust’s liabilities and assets. If the trust engages in a business venture, the trustee has to keep all the information concerning the accounting system as well as the codes and charts of account.


All these records must be recorded in English and kept in New Zealand. Failure to do so will attract substantial penalties. Those powers were heightened in 2011 by the passing of the world’s standard money laundering legislation.

Thor’s Stand

Thor Halvorssen is a highly-opinionated human rights activist who has taken strong stances against dictatorships and slave labor. Halvorssen has even made his presence felt in the recent 2016 presidential election by donating to the Bernie Sanders campaign and exposing the ludicrous donations the Clinton campaign received from foreign dictatorships.

Halvorssen has developed such deep rooted hatred for corrupt regimes because he has witnessed the devastation caused first-hand. While Halvorssen was away at college his father was arrested and held as a political prisoner.

This spring-boarded a fire in Halvorrsen’s heart to gather international organizations to free his dad in a dramatic but drawn-out fashion lasting 74 days. They mustered up enough downtrodden Venezuelans to protest that the corrupt regime had to succumb to defeat and release Halvorssen’s father. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

According to IMDB, Thor Halvorssen has many reasons to be disgusted with dictatorships as not only did one imprison his father but in 2004 the Chavez regime gunned down a crowd on live television which had his mother in it.

The unexpected burst of rounds struck his mother wounding her and 11 others while leaving one dead. Since the shooting Halvorssen has been an advocate for the right to protest which he believes is a human right. He has taken strong stances against Venezuela’s “Kangaroo Court” a court that solely follows the president’s verdict.

Thor Halvorssen has called out Venezuela for wrongfully accusing protesters of plotting to kill their president. He called Sony’s action of pulling the movie “The Interview” “gutless and cowardice” claiming they are giving into North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

While on certain occasions dark events took place in Thor Halvorssen’s life, he has taken them and used them as inspiration for the change he envisions. Thor Halvorssen has taken a stand we all should take, a stand against “the man” and for ourselves.

The Manse on Marsh: Care That Is Real

Like just about everything in life, it is pretty evident when something is real and when something is fake. When something is real, the person can feel it and they know it. There is no doubt about it and there is no questioning it. It comes from inside the person. When it is fake, it can feel put on and it just seems fishy. Nothing about it seems real. People have been around long enough to tell the difference between the two. When it comes to The Manse on Marsh, people see a place that is truly committed to being real all of the time. There is nothing fake about this place and nothing fake about how they run their business.

From start to finish, they do it the right way. They have something that is very important in the process and that is heart. They have a big heart and they are not afraid to let people see it, show it off, and wear it on their sleeve. Every person that walks in the doors of The Manse on Marsh is going to notice it. It will put them at ease and make them feel comfortable right away. Any worries or concerns they might have had about going to an assisted living facility, it is washed away instantly.

They see that this is a place they can call a second home. They feel like the people there understand them, get them, and want to take the time to really get inside their head’s. That is meant in a good way, as a matter of fact. Once they figure out what someone is thinking and feeling, they can better help them. That is why they won The Caring Star away, which is as big as it gets for assisted living facilities.

This just shows that they get “it.” People would be amazed by how many people do not get it and how many things fall on deaf ears when it comes to them. Not that is not the case with The Manse on Marsh. They listen and most importantly, they remember.

Raj Fernando, a Talented Stock Trader

Raj Fernando is a prominent trader, political supporter and a philanthropist. He is the founder of Scoutahead, a firm that has done well over the years. Before founding Scoutahead, Raj Fernando was the CEO of Chopper Trading. He began his career at a younger age while still attending college. Upon graduating, he successfully managed to rise to the very best and highest serving position from the lowest. Following his wide knowledge, expertise and several years serving at dissimilar trading positions at Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Raj Fernando founded Chopper Trading in 2002.

His Accomplishments

Within a decade, Raj managed to expand Chopper Trading to a respectable and large trading participant of world largest exchanges including Nasdaq, Eurex, Broketek, CME,Fitzgerald-espeed and ICAP among others. With over 250 employees globally, Chopper Trading included many of the brightest and knowledgeable engineers and traders in the world. Mr. Fernando regularly made amazing contributions to the prominent US Commodity Futures Trading Commission work with an end goal of supporting the main mission of the commission. This commission focuses on fostering competitive, transparent, open and financially sound markets. Not long ago, Mr. Fernando gave a compelling speech as a featured panelist on the unethical practices that had been pointed out.

Additionally, he participated in several policy and industry conferences held across the country. In 2013, he addressed a big global audience comprised of shareholders and media at the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference, an exclusive industry conference held annually. Later in 2015, Raj sold his company, Chopper Trading, to DRW. DRW is a leading international leader in the financial industry. Being a man with great ideas, he launched a year later. is a well-established internet startup designed to help companies and individuals get trusted and relevant information that enables them attain corporate growth standards as well as increase productivity.


With over two decades experience and expertise in global financial insight, Raj Fernando provides amazing counsel and exceptional insights to his companies as well as boards and organizations he serves. He is a graduate of Beloit College where he earned himself a Bachelor’s Degree in economics and history. He also joined University College London to pursue his studies and sharpen his skills.

For more information please visit



Understanding Technology Brings Success For Doe Deere And Lime Crime

Doe Deere may not quite be a household name, but she is currently one of the most sought after cosmetics experts in the world following the success she has achieved as the founder and head of the Lime Crime brand. The rise of Lime Crime has always been a personal achievement for Doe Deere, who created the cosmetics line in 2008 after struggling to find makeup for both herself and the models she was using to market her own line of clothing sold via Online marketplaces.

In 2016, the only aspect of her career Doe Deere states she would look to change in the past is the time it took her to develop the brand she has now turned into a success. Deere has had a colorful life as she sought for the creative direction she has now settled on with Lime Crime, instead Doe Deere left her home in Russia to study fashion in New York City. This may seem as though it would be natural starting point for the Lime Crime brand, but Deere began a rock band with her now husband and partner in Lime Crime before finally making her way back to fashion to find the success she is now rightly achieving.

Confidence and a sincere attitude are two aspects of the life of Doe Deere she feels have assisted in her rise and continued success over the course of the last decade. Not only does Doe Deere look to the modern world in terms of the technology used to create the Lime Crime brand, but she takes a modern approach to the employment environment she creates for her employees. The Lime Crime founder believes a caring attitude towards her employees drives them towards success and builds confidence in her as a business leader; an optimistic approach to the future in her personal life and business career are also cited by Deere as a major reason for her success.

Doe Deere has become an expert in finding new ways of succeeding in the cosmetics industry and takes pride in the social media use that now forms the most successful part of the marketing campaigns of Lime Crime. The cosmetics expert and her employees interact with followers via social media platforms to like and discuss real world uses of new and existing products that are loved by all involved. Selling cosmetics Online has also set out a new set of challenges many experts believed were too great to overcome, but Deere believed these issues could be overcome and set out to develop new ways of marketing her products Online. The business leader who has developed her own “Queen of the Unicorns” Online persona was responsible for the “on lip” lipstick swatch that has now become standard throughout the industry.

Follow Doe on Twitter @doedeere