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Why Everybody Should Emulate Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani who is married and is a father of four is an established businessman. His investments are across countries. Currently, he lives in Dubai. He is the Chairman of DAMAC Properties, a real estate firm. He has risen to rank as among the richest Arabs in the world. This is according to Forbes and has an estimated $5 million.



His Life Towards Success


The decisions people make always affect their lives. For Hussain Sajwani, he worked for a while and decided that he would try his hand in business. He started off with a catering business where he offered his services to different clients. On the record are his services to the US Army.


After some time, Hussain Sajwani noticed an opportunity in the real estate sector as there was so much growth potential. As he formulated his plan, most of his target market was visitors who were looking for a comfortable place. His success started off early enough as the first major project he made was met with huge demands. He had identified an area that was underdeveloped and was to build a 38-story building. Surprisingly, before he even started the project, all the units had been sold out.



His Connection To Donald Trump


Hussain Sajwani is among the people who opened up Dubai for more investors and changed its whole appearance. As such, he has had past business deals with Donald Trump. He spent New Year’s Eve with Trump. The Sajwani family has had ties with Trump where they have partnered to come up with profitable projects.


Early 2017, one of the projects they were working on was opened. It was the Trump International Golf Course Dubai. Another joint project is also scheduled to be ready in late 2018. The particular project was designed by Tiger Woods. The DAMAC owner has been working tirelessly to get more details as they benefit the company.


For every businessperson, he has to think of the implications of their actions. Hussain has mastered the art of networking to get more projects running. Socially, Hussain Sajwani has been contributing hugely to the community. He has donated cash that would help the youth nurture their talent and make it in life.


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